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Eating More to Stay Warm in Winter?

In Winter people tend to eat more without realising it to stay warm. ❇️Dietary thermogenesis 🔥involves using about 10% of total daily energy to metabolise the food which produces heat (30% of the protein’s energy, 5-10% carbohydrate’s energy and 2-5% of fat’s energy) ❇️This can help us maintain our body temperature 🌡 temporarily but remember the remaining consumed energy 70-98% from the food or beverage will need to be expended through exercise 👣or stored as fat⚖️. ❇️So why not have some ♨️hot water, hot tea or hot herbal tea that is also minimal calories instead? (Keep coffee to 3 cups a day and tea to 4 cups a day which is the caffeine limit for the average adult). ❇️Thereafter hot decaffeinated beverages or hot water are best to stay warm 💦🙌






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