This meal plan will help you meet all the nutrients your body needs for your age and gender. It is based on meeting the recommended number of Australian Guide to Healthy Eating core food group serves to live a healthy lifestlye and prevent chronic disease. It could also assist with weight loss. This straight-up simple meal plan is sustainable, providing individuals with variety to choose what they like in the correct quantities. Suited to those who are determined and require minimal dietitian support. For those who would like more support in making healthy eating changes and/or managing chronic conditions please see the 1-On-1 Nutrition Consultations.

Meal Plan

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  • A link to the meal plan for your age and gender will be sent to your chosen email address. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle! Enjoy sustainable healthy eating!

  • If you followed this meal plan completely for one month without any weight loss results, you could make an appointment with the dietitian under a Review Consultation of $80 instead of the Initial Consultation of $150. The dietitian will work with you to identify factors that could potentially hinder the results and come up with creative solutions that suit your lifestyle. This is our guarantee as FoodSense is focused on helping you achieve your health goals.