Give the Gift of Health! Do you know someone who is always saying they need to do something about their diet? Do you know someone who is seeking help with weight loss, weight gain, management of their chronic conditions, healthy ageing or everyday healthy eating? Why not give someone a positive lifestyle change? Few gifts can be a life changer- this one can! This is a fantastic and unique gift to give that feeling of love and care that will be well remembered and appreciated.


With a FoodSense eGift Card Kickstart Nutrition Package, your friends, family or you will be able to experience:

- one initial consultation

- three reviews and

- one body physique asessment (can be swapped for an extra review) with a dietitian.


The consultation(s) involves nutrition assessment, focuses on creative strategies tailored to them and generates a personal meal plan to achieve their health goals!  The body physique assessment involves the measurement of skinfolds, circumferences, bone breadths, stretch stature and body mass. Skinfold measurements directly measures subcutaneous fat and combined with girth measurements, muscle mass can be derived. The physique assessment can be used to determine body composition (muscle mass and body fat %), track changes in body composition from physical activity and nutrition interventions, and determine an individual’s body shape (expressed in terms of endomorphy- fatness, mesomorphy-muscularity and ectomorphy-linearity). 


Great for Birthdays, Engagements or a Special Present to get started in 2019! All eGift Cards are valid for 6 months from date of purchase and save 10% off the original non-packaged price. Clients who have private health insurance or a Medicare GP Chronic Disease Management Plan referral may be able to claim something back from each consultation (please see FAQs under 'Services' tab for more information). 

eGift Card Kickstart Nutrition Package

  • Your personalised eGift card will be sent in a pdf to your nominated email address within 24 hours. Print or email the eGift card to your loved one!

  • The recipient can book an appointment online (enter gift voucher details in the 'notes' section) or call 0404 386 945.

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