• Rebecca Luong

Healthy lunch that takes less than 5 minutes

I think a key aspect of tips is being practical for the everyday person. Here is a simple lunch that takes less than 5 minutes:

1. Microwave 2cups of frozen vegetables for 3-4minutes. (If you put these frozen vegetables in the fridge overnight it will only take 2-3minutes instead). 340kJ

2. Open a tin of tuna/sardines/salmon in healthy oil and pour in. 650-1100kJ. Lemon and thyme is one of my favourites recently and it flavours the vegetables very well

3. Have a piece of fruit 150kJ and/or add half a handful of nuts 405kJ to balance this light meal.

4. Optional: add 0.5cup cooked rice/pasta/quinoa/cous cous for 500kJ.

Vegetable serves (4): 2 cups vegetables. Meat/alternative serves (1.25): 75g sardines from one tin, 15g nuts. Fruit serves (1): 1 cup of fruit. Grain serves (0–1): 0-0.5cup cooked rice/pasta/cous cous. Happy Sustainable Healthy Eating!


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