• Rebecca Luong

Do you have high blood pressure? Replace salt with herbs and spices!

Grilled chicken breast marinated in oregano, basil, garlic powder and pepper with avocado, tomato, onion , cucumber , spinach leaves, pomegranate, toasted pine nuts and toasted pepitas dressed with juice of one orange.

Recipe serves 4, each serving provides:

Vegetable serves (2.5): 1.5cup spinach, 0.5 cucumber, 0.5 tomato. Fruit serves (0.75): 0.25 pomegranate, 0.25 orange, 0.25 avocado. Meat/alternatives serves (1.5): 80g chicken breast, 0.125cup pine nuts and pepitas. Discretionary (0.4): 1tsp olive oil 150kJ, 1tsp honey 75kJ.

Reducing sodium intake such as by replacing salt with herbs and spices for flavour can help lower blood pressure.

Happy healthy eating . Spread the love and share salads

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