• Rebecca Luong

Canned Legumes are must-haves in the Kitchen Pantry!

Canned no added salt legumes , tuna and frozen vegetables are must-haves in the kitchen pantry! Only took 10mins to make . Simply rinse canned items, microwave corn and mix. rinse BEAN SALAD WITH TUNA, CORN, CHAMPIGNON MUSHROOM AND CORIANDER. 1xcan 400g 1 cup champignon whole mushroom, 1xcan 1 cup butter beans, 1xcan 400g 1 cup red kidney beans, 2 cup frozen corn kernels, 0.5 cup coriander and 200g tuna in olive oil. Serves 4. Each serve provides: Veggie serves (1.5): 0.25cup mushroom, 0.5 cup corn kernels. Meat/alternative serves (1): 0.25 cup butter beans, 0.25 cup kidney beans, 50g tuna. Happy healthy eating


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