• Rebecca Luong

Vegetables are supposed to be half the plate

Thinking about dinner? 😋👀🧠 Zucchini Pouch Enclosing High Fibre Spaghetti Marinara 🍤🍝with garlic olive oil, cauliflower and broccoli🥦. Sometimes it’s easy to go overboard 🤤with pasta and forget😳 that VEGETABLES😍ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HALF THE PLATE 🍽. Make it easy for yourself by decorating with lots of vegetables🥗🥦🥒🍅. Simple tip for eating out is to SHARE 🤗 YOUR PASTA DISH🍝 as they almost always give more than what you need and order another dish with vegetables🥗! Grain serves (2): 1cup cooked high fibre pasta. Meat/alternative serves (1): 100g seafood marinara mix. Vegetable serves (2.5): 0.75cup cooked zucchini, 0.5cup broccoli and cauliflower. Happy healthy eating this weekend 😁


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