• Rebecca Luong

Did you JUMP today ⬆️ for healthy bones?

Did you JUMP today ⬆️ for healthy bones? I went to the excellent FitForYourLife workshop yesterday by Geriatrician Prof Maria Singh that was packed with information on exercise and its’ benefits! Evidence shows that 10-50 jumps per day can increase bone mineral density by 2-5% to prevent osteoporosis (porous bones). Having “porous bones” means your bones are weaker and you can be more prone to fractures when you fall. [This is a photo of me on community placement at Broken Hill where I delivered the Healthy Munching & Jumping in Outback Schools program. Great memories in the 🇦🇺outback. Perhaps we should be more like kangaroos👣😂]. Something as simple as a 1 minute skip each day will help you get that 10-50 jumps or even jumping whilst you’re waiting in line or waiting for laundry. Incorporate it into your lifestyle for healthier bones🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏼‍♀️. I’m going to start jumping consciously everyday today. Will you? 😍🤗😊👍🏻


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