• Rebecca Luong

Are frozen vegetables healthy?

Have you packed your lunch today? Can you see the little frost on my broccoli? Yes, it's frozen! There's nothing wrong with frozen veg as they are snap frozen soon after harvest and sealed with nutrients. Sometimes they have just as much or more nutrients than fresh. It's always good to have some frozen veg in your pantry! Baked salmon with peppered carrots in extra virgin olive oil and broccoli. Veggie serves (3): 1 cup carrot, 0.5 cup broccoli. Meat/alternative serves (1): 100g salmon. Energy of meal= 1400kJ. If you are hungry have a serve of grains (1 bread slice= 400kJ) or fruit (1= 300-500kJ) or dairy (1 small tub low sugar low fat yoghurt= 250-400kJ). Happy healthy lunching 😋


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