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Q: Is there a difference between ingesting cold and hot beverages in the body? Is drinking ice water

No, the temperature of the beverage does not have a significant impact on your body. There is however a slight temporary change in body temperature of ±0.3-0.8°C. It has been hypothesised that consuming cold beverages uses minute amounts of energy to warm it up to the body’s internal temperature, which has been demonstrated in water. Studies have also shown that ice/cold water reduces heat strain during exercise and can improve endurance performance in athletes.

Drinking about 2 cups of cold water slightly increased energy expenditure such as 26kJ. If you drink the recommended number of 8-10 cups of water a day this amounts to about 200kJ and hence 85000kJ/year which can translate to burning 2kg of fat/year. However, drinking water in general is associated with slightly increased energy expenditure since water does not contribute to energy intake (i.e. has 0 kilojoules) but requires some energy to process it.

Tip? Drink water at your preferred temperature. Drinking your recommended number of 8-10 cups of water a day can contribute to energy expenditure and also reduces energy intake by replacing other beverages. If you’re partaking in physical activity, consuming ice/cold water can improve your endurance performance.







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