• Rebecca Luong

199 products later…Here are the Top 10 Frozen Meals

Brands included in assessment: Coles, CP Authentic Asia, Crazy Dragon, Golden Wok, Griff’s, Homebrand, Katzy’s Kosher, Lean Cuisine (Balanced Serve, Classic, Soups, Steam), Lite n’Easy Dinner, McCain (Healthy Choice, Healthy Choice Wholegrains, Hearty Meals), Michelle Bridges Delicious Nutritious, On The Menu, Super Foods, Syndian and Weight Watchers.

Criteria are based on a combination of Australian Dietary Guidelines, Nutrient Reference Values/Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges for a 70kg adult consuming 8700kJ over 3 meals ± 2 midmeals, WHO free sugar guidelines and recommended number of carbohydrate exchanges per main meal.

Unfortunately, I could not include fibre in the criteria as many products did not have this on their nutrition information panel! The adequate fibre intake is 30g for men and 25g for women per day. Some companies have been more helpful to consumers and provided the % of vegetable content or the number of vegetable serves. The recommendation is 50% vegetable content at each meal or 5-6 serves of vegetables (375-450g) per day. The frozen meals usually contain vegetables, meat/alternatives and grains. Don’t forget to have your other two core food groups of dairy and fruit!

Happy Healthy Eating :)


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