• Rebecca Luong

How do I lose weight? Not a read for the faint-hearted.

There are 4 strategies to lose weight:

  1. Food- directly reducing your energy intake.

  2. Mind- indirectly reducing your energy intake through increasing awareness and unlearning unhealthy behaviours.

  3. Medication- Weight-loss medications work on suppressing your appetite or reducing fat absorption. Meaning these are not ‘miracle pills’ that make you lose weight automatically. It still comes down to the fundamental concept of reducing your energy intake. In addition, there are uncomfortable side effects and are usually for short-term use up to 3 months or must be accompanied by a low fat diet.

  4. Surgery- physically restrict the amount of food that can fit and/or reduce the amount of food absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Dietary adjustments are required post-surgery. Considered for those with a BMI>40 or BMI>35 with comorbidities and have reasonably attempted other strategies.

Health organisations strongly recommend lifestyle approaches as the first treatment option: food and mind strategies to reduce energy in and physical activity to increase energy out! Evidence has shown that significant weight loss of 5-15% can be achieved in overweight or obese adults from a combination of food and mind strategies.

Tip? Start from one strategy from one category. When you feel comfortable and have consistently integrated this into your lifestyle, add on another strategy from the same or different category. Remember for sustained weight loss slow and steady wins the race!

Click on the image below to see the simple Food and Mind strategies. For a nutrition assessment of your situation, individualised advice and more support along the way, book a one-on-one consultation today!








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