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Are you a business that thinks ahead for your customers and your business? As people become more health conscious and dine out more regularly, healthy eating outside of the home has become more important than ever. People are searching for healthy cafes and healthy restaurants with healthy menus near them. At FoodSense we want to provide you with that healthy edge. We want to put you and your customers at ease, with nutrition information and dietitian-approved healthier choices available on your menu. At the end of the day healthy and happy customers return and that's what makes a business sustainable. Don't wait and make your restaurant or cafe menu a healthy menu by contacting us today. Reap the health benefits for yourself, your staff, your customers, win customer satisfaction and ongoing business rewards by contacting us for a healthy menu now. 

Healthy Menus




How will having FoodSense Healthy Choices on the menu help my food business?

  1. Keep existing customers and attract new customersfrom in-house dining and food deliveries.

  2. Increased revenue and profits with conveniently available nutrition information and healthier choices.   

  3. Enhance customer satisfaction as they know you are prioritising their needs.

  4. Positive customer and food business relationship.   

  5. Potentially reduce ingredient costs by providing nutritional quality rather than quantity.

  6. Improve the customer experience through nutrition empowerment.

  7. Exceeding customer expectations, providing the 'wow' factor and doing great to make a positive impact on your        customers' daily nutrition.

  8. A new sustainable food business revenue stream for the long term as healthier choices will always be demanded for longevity and healthier customers can return more often rather than being ill.

What do we do?

​We are specialised in helping restaurants and cafes create healthy menus:

  • Kilojoule labelling with energy content analysis of existing recipes

  • Creating dietitian-approved healthier choices 

Modifying proportions of ingredients in existing recipes to meet healthy recipe criteria based on expert guidelines and healthier ingredient swaps. FoodSense® Dietitian Stamp of Approval, core food groups and/or nutrient analyses displayed on the menu to distinguish these credible dietitian-approved healthier choices and communicate the high nutritional value to customers. 

All you need to do is send us the recipes, we will do the work and send you the new menu template with the nutrition information and/or healthier choices recipes! FoodSense is all about making healthy easy and that includes making it easy to create healthy menus for your business success. Your menu will be part of your customer's daily nutritional needs. Come onboard now as the world is heading towards a healthier future with rewarding opportunities! Thrive with your customers to be happier and healthier!

FoodSense Dietitian Stamp of Approval IM

What can I do as a diner who would like healthier choices on menus?

You can nominate a restaurant or cafe by clicking here

"Healthier choices are the happier choices"

Together we can contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!


Healthier choices accessible and available to fight chronic disease, increase healthspan and lifespan for good health and well-being. 

Healthier choices offer nutritional quality over quantity for responsible consumption and production.

Healthier choices provide the right amount of food to keep us healthy and reduces excess demand with more food available to others in our world for zero hunger.  


...Take action to transform our world