1-On-1 Nutrition Consultations

Healthy Salad




Green Goodness


Metabolic Syndrome

Manage Lipids, Sugars, Adiposity & Blood Pressure

Liver Disease

Improve Fatty Liver & Nutrition Support

Healthy Ageing & Frailty

Continue Your Everyday Activities, Prevent Frailty & Increase Longevity

Nutritional Deficiency

The Guidance You Need Such As On Iron and Anaemia

Muscle Gain & Sports Nutrition

Optimal Body Performance

General Healthy Eating

Live Healthy To Prevent Chronic Disease & Expand Your Healthspan

Achieve Your Goals

FoodSense is here to ensure you prioritise your health and stay on track to achieve your health goals. FoodSense offers creative solutions to help you achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After personalised sessions, you’ll become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your health. Don’t wait to schedule your session today. Take a look at the services offered below, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Weight Loss Counselling

A Healthier Lifestyle

Diabetes Management

Manage Blood Sugar & Prevent Complications

Heart Health

Reduce Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

Gut Health & Low FODMAP

Avoid Discomfort For A Happier Life



Do I need a referral?

  • General - A referral is not necessary. However, if you have a list of chronic conditions, medications and most recent blood tests from your GP that would be helpful for your assessment.

  • Medicare- Please bring the GP Chronic Disease Management Plan referral.

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs- Please bring the GP DVA referral.

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme- Please bring your NDIS participant’s plan.

  • Home Care Package- Please bring your My Aged Care support plan or Home Care Package provider referral.

Can I claim anything back from nutrition consultations in-person (at the clinic/home visit)?

  • General- Yes, if you have ancillary providers cover. Please check with your health insurance.

  • Medicare- With a GP Chronic Disease Management Plan you can claim $56.00 for each consultation up to 5 times yearly (https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/enablers/submit-medicare-claim-online). Bulk-billing with nil out-of-pocket expenses is available for 30 minute sessions if you have a valid pension or low income health care card (put this in the notes section when booking).

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs- Nil out-of-pocket expenses. FoodSense will claim payment from DVA for services provided.

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme- Nil out-of-pocket expenses. FoodSense will claim payment from allocated NDIS funds for services provided as per NDIS Price Guide.

  • Home Care Package- FoodSense will claim payment from your Home Care Package provider.

How can I make payment and claim back rebates?

Pay in cash or direct deposit transfer without processing fees. Card processing payments surcharges apply of 1.95% for card-present and 2.25% for card-not-present payments. After successful payment, you will receive a receipt that could be used for claiming from private health insurance, Medicare or NDIS if you are eligible.

Can I claim anything back from meal plan purchases or online nutrition consultations?

  • Usually not for meal plans. Please check with your private health insurance for online nutrition consultations. 

  • Medicare, DVA and NDIS online nutrition consultations are telehealth services and are currently eligible for claiming.

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