FoodSense is driven by a deep desire to help individuals eat healthily in their everyday lives. Whether you’re seeking help with weight loss, weight gain, disease management, healthy ageing or prevention, FoodSense translates evidence-based nutritional science into practical advice. FoodSense 1-On-1 nutrition consultations are personal and creative for real lifestyle changes to help you achieve your health goals and sustainable healthy living! Find out more about our dietitian and 1-On-1 nutrition consultationsBook an appointment today!


"Healthier individuals are supported by healthier food environments and vice versa"

FoodSense Vision

A world with enabling food environments for healthier and happier people to make healthy easy.

Our Core Values

  • Help people with real lifestyle changes and sustainable habits for everyday healthy living 

  • Make the world a better place with nutrition skills and healthier choices accessible and available 

  • Create personalised nutrition solutions tailored best for you

  • Provide comfortable, non-judgemental and effective nutrition services 

  • Translate the highest quality evidence-based nutritional science that is easy to understand 

  • Motivate and empower clients to achieve their health goals and lifestyle prevention success

  • Build sincere and positive connections 

  • Loyal to our clients and provide ongoing support   

  • Give back by sharing healthy living inspiration and charity work